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At the Raku Workshop held at I.U. Cerrahpaşa Vocational School of Technical Sciences, various plates and objects in different forms were decorated using patterns in 12th century Seljuk heritage works.

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Vocational School of Technical Sciences Culture, Art and Sports Club Advisor Faculty Member Dr. Sureyya Oskay and President Hale Kil organized a four-day Raku Workshop in the garden of the Ceramics Studio in March to develop joint project studies in the fields of culture, art and education between universities.

Lecturer Ozhan Pak from  T.C. Istanbul Kultur University Fine Arts Application and Research Center shared his knowledge and experiences about raku firing with the students and provided equipment support during the workshop. From Yeni Yuzyıl University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics. Lecturer Dr. Tatiana Müsevvitoğlu attended the workshop with a group of 30 students. In the workshop which Assoc. Prof. Mana Sezdi, IUC TBMYO Director personally attended, Ceramic and Glass Design Program Lecturer Kifayet Ozkul provided the coordinations, while Prof. Dr. Uzlifat Ozgumus also watched the work.

Ceramics students, who experienced both different materials and techniques during the event, had the opportunity to get to know applied arts on a wider scale. Oskay gave information about the functioning of the ceramics studio and the work done on glass.

On the first day of the workshop, the obvara technique was applied; on other days, ceramics glazed with special raku glazes were subjected to reduction. In this work, which took place in an open area on a rainy day, plates and objects in different forms were decorated using patterns in the Seljuk heritage works of the 12th century.

In order to increase the students' learning level on a common subject, the workshop, which also included scientific teaching techniques, benefited them from joint thinking, learning and coordinated action. In addition, a suitable environment was created for them to gain a new interdisciplinary perspective.


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