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Turkey’s biggest exposition with the greatest brand value UNICERA Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair is being held in Istanbul Expo Center between 07th-11th November 2022. With over 1200 brands taking part and prepared by UNICERA International Fairs Inc., the fair is being organized by TG Expo International Fairs.

UNICERA International Fairs Inc. is founded under the Turkish Ceramics Federation (TSF) with the support of the Installation and Building Suppliers Association (TIMDER) and started activities as of by 2021. The General Coordinator of UNICERA International Fairs Inc. Aydin Eser said the following about the fair:

“As TSF and TIMDER, we have been bringing our UNICERA Fair together with the sector and actively taking part in all its’ steps for years. A large part of our participants are also the members of TSF and TIMDER and by this means, for many years we are able to successfully maintain the participant relations which’s quite critical in fair organization. At this point, we decided that a structural change would be requisite for the fair’s future and established a new company to continue our activities under the name of UNICERA International Fairs Inc. The biggest advantage of this new constitution is the increase in our governance and management over the fair which allows us to consider processes in a more controlled way and enhance our mobility in generating solutions. It’s our first fair organized under the new company therefore we are especially excited about this year’s fair. The bilateral contacts we maintain with our participants shows that UNICERA International Fairs Inc. is positively accepted by the sector.”

Turkish ceramics sector export to more than 100 countries

Eser underlines that the ceramics sector is the one which utilizes domestic resources the most in exportation and with the least independence to imported products and said the following:

“By having the products with the highest added value, the ceramics sector is very valuable in terms of our national economy. We’re one of the countries with a voice in the world in ceramic coating exportation and we’re conventionally realizing a significant amount of exportation every year. When we look at the countries we export to, we see that these are mainly developed countries. In 2020 and 2021, we have made our highest amount of exportation to USA and the second highest amount to Germany. These numbers are very considerable in terms of showing the place where our sector is. We’re also ranked at an important place in the world in ceramic sanitaryware exportation. There are substantially developed countries among the first 10 we export to. We’re making the highest exportation to France and then to Germany. At this present situation, we see that our companies manufacturing ceramic coating materials are exporting to 113 countries and our companies manufacturing sanitaryware to 95 countries. We believe that our fair has a humble contribution in our sector’s recognition achieved in the global markets and we augment our efforts to better this contribution every year. In addition, the ceramics sector makes a great contribution to the Turkish economy by providing directly 40 thousand and indirectly 330 thousand employment. When we consider all these factors, we can say that the ceramics sector is one of our country’s leading sectors and has a potential to reach greater successes as long as it is provided with more incentive. As UNICERA International Fairs Inc., we are carrying out all the required actions for the sake of our sector’s promotion and for it to be able to increase its’ efficiency abroad and we continue by adding new actions every year. We are again prepared at our best to this year’s fair and we can’t wait to bring the sector together on a common platform once again. Whole our sector is welcomed to our fair to be held between 7th-11th November”.

The fair exhibits several product groups such as bathroom products, floor-wall coverings, ceramic processing technologies, kitchen products, decoration products, packaging and storing. To get a free invitation to the 2nd greatest ceramic fair of Europe the UNICERA Ceramic Bathroom Kitchen Fair, visit


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