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Artema’s AquaHeat Bliss and Bliss S shower columns keep the water temperature at a desired level and offer a safe shower pleasure especially for kids and elders.

Artema’s AquaHeat Bliss and Bliss S shower columns offer two design options with square and round lines. The faucets are complementing the bathroom designs in an elegant way and keep the water temperature at desired levels with their thermostatic feature to make the shower pleasure safe. Standing out as a safe solution for kids and elders, the shower columns prevent it to exceed by mistake to temperatures above 38°C with their safety button and automatically turn off when cold water is cut. With an isolation layer between hot water and its’ body, the faucet never gets as hot as to make it unable to touch or burn one’s hand.

While the water temperature can be adjusted to a desired level in a short time, the pressure fluctuations are taken under control during the whole shower time and eliminate the risk of chill and burn. Offering an uninterrupted shower pleasure at a stable temperature, Bliss and Bliss S prevent also the extra time wasted in the shower. Bliss and Bliss S faucets are also standing out with their water-saving feature. When considered the increasing water consumption in summers, Artema is contributing both to the family budget and the protection of water resources. The shower columns with its’ stainless steel body, can be mounted easily without the need of an under-plaster system.


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