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Founded by Serap Sakar Ereyli, Mahmut Caliskan and Ismail Kaya in Iznik in 1992, Mavi Tiling is making the faithful reproductions of traditional tiles, one of our most important culture heritages. Making production also within the context of restoration projects of historical structures, Iznik Mavi Tiling has recently reinspirited the Rustem Pasha and New Mosque tiles.

Preparing the restoration tiles of structures of various eras since 2009 such as the Green Tomb in Bursa, Double Minaret Madrasa in Erzurum, Eyup Sultan Tomb in Istanbul, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina and Gok Madrasa in Sivas, Iznik Mavi Tiling has finished the tile reproduction of two more mosques in Istanbul, Eminonu within the context of restoration works.

Upon the request of renewing the tiles on Rustem Pasha Mosque exterior walls, has prepared the faithful reproductions of a total of 133 pieces of tiles and kerbs and finished their mountings. A total of 850 Iznik tile production at the sizes of 25x25 cm, 12x25 cm and 9x25 cm was completed in 5 months.

The body was prepared in keeping with the properties of the tiles back in the date of their productions; then they created a whole by overlapping the renewed tiles with the colors of the original tiles. For the production date is written on the under-glaze decoration of the renewed tiles, visitors can recognize the restored tiles when they look carefully.

Being able to make faithful reproductions of Seljukian and Ottoman tiles of carious eras, Iznik Mavi Tiling team has specified that they’re rightfully proud for they can contribute on these works to stand still for many years and maintain their glory of the past


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