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Events brought into action by Turkish Ceramics Association under SERES'21 Congress, are grounded on the "Revive" concept. The exhibition organized under this title, emphasizes the reviving power of art and guest speakers talked about how the pandemic is projected on artistic productions and what they do to revive.

Organized by Turkish Ceramics Association (TSD) with the support of Turkish Ceramics Federation and Tepebası Municipality, V. International Ceramic, Glass, Enamel, Glaze and Dye Congress SERES'21 art events are held in Atila Ozer Caricature House and Ozdilek Art Center belonging to Tepebası Municipality.

In the curatorial "Revive" exhibition under the congress, nearly 90 Turkish and foreign guest ceramic artists' works took part. While 40 works are being exhibited in Atila Ozer Caricature House in Eskisehir Espark, works of all artists are exhibited simultaneously in the online exhibition hall prepared by TSD.

Kim Yong Moon ve Shin Jung Gyun

The guest lecturer in Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department, North Korean ceramic artist Kim Yong Moon and Korean calligraphy artist Shin Jung Gyun together showed a performance titled "Find life under the tree" before the exhibition opening. Intending to draw attention to what's lived through coronavirus times and protecting the environment, the artists wrote words like hope, love, life on numerous ceramic tiles in Korean and pictured a huge tree symbolizing revival. This way they represented the blessing of the tree, nature, water, soil and life.

Nurtaç Çakar, İlhan Marasalı, Mutlu Başkaya, Fatma Batukan Belge, Güngör Güner, Bilgehan Uzuner

Apart from this performance and exhibition, reviving power of art also left its' mark on the congress. Guest speakers of the art sessions talked about how the pandemic is projected on artistic productions and what they do to revive. In these art sessions held in Ozdilek Art Center, Prof. Gungor Guner, Prof. Zehra Cobanlı, Prof. Aysegul Turedi Ozen and German artist Reinhard Keitel made a speech in this context. Judith Schwartz (USA), Vinodkumar Saroz (India) and Pim Sudhikam (Thailand) sent their speeches as video records. Common ground of artists is their insistence on artistic productions despite their restricted life due to pandemic and their perspective of art as a reviving power.

In the congress which's planned to be held last year but suspended due to the pandemic, the artists were very happy to come together even though they had masks and distance between them.

Zehra Çobanlı, Reinhard Keitel, Mutlu Başkaya


Why "Revive"?

For about a year and a half, humanity is globally struggling with Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, our country also had to face disasters such as earthquakes, floods and forest fires during this period. Quarantines and lock downs affected social life negatively. For this reason, as an association, we have held the "Human Stop" exhibition in ArtContractIstanbul Fair. Although humanity's struggle against Covid-19 is not finished yet, time has a healing effect; both social and natural life are reawakening, reviving ...

Natural life is reviving with rains even on charred fields after a forest fire. Seeds stored under the forest ground are germinating, new branches are coming up from some dead trees. Wild flowers are the firstly carried plants on this new naked soil. Then comes the precursor trees; In 40 years, shadow-making shrubs are growing. And later, even higher trees are beginning to grow with the soil and the air restored by these shrubs. At this point, the forest is heading on to become a vivid and mature one as before.

What about wildlife? When flames ignite animals don't just stay there and wait for death; birds are flying away, mammals are running away, amphibians and other small creatures are hiding under soil and rocks and taking shelter at lakes and rivers if there's any. Unfortunately, those who can't run fast enough or find any shelter, are dying in smoke and flames. First bugs are returning back to the fire-charred areas, and after a short while birds to look for them... Standing trees are becoming nests for tens of bird kinds. At last, small mammals like squirrels and mice are joining them. Fallen off trees are becoming ideal nests for animals like raccoons and foxes. As new plants are sprouting, forest is rapidly drawing back bigger wildlife, especially deer.

And time is healing. the cycle of birth-life-death is repeating. So as TSD, we grounded our exhibition on "Revive" concept within this eternal cycle of life. Emphasizing the healing power of art once again, we give the floor to ceramic artists.

Curators: Mutlu Baskaya- Fatma Batukan Belge- Ilhan Marasali


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