Parody and pastiche, the methods used frequently by postmodern art, turned into a way to deal with stress in the corona days. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles was the first to be launched.

Although closed like other museums in the world, The Getty Museum urged enthusiasts to revive a work of art in their homes to keep their bond with art lovers warm. Many photographs came from Frida Kahlo to Edvard Munch in which the works of many artists were reconstructed.

As Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, we completed the lessons in the distance education system during the pandemic period. I asked my students who take the Portable Tile Restoration and Conservation course to make an animation in their homes in order to both use their creativity and make researches in the history of art. Before going out, they had to portray a painting or miniature using items from their home. The most important requirement was to have a ceramic in the composition. Here are parodies from them.

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