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One of the leaders of sanitary system and vitrified sector, Geberit turns bathrooms into resting, relaxing and refreshing areas with its’ Tawa and Supero bathtub models offered to consumers.

Standing out with its’ fine grace, Tawa acrylic bathtub combines organic and geometric forms with its’ SlimRim design and ensures a minimalist and comfortable look. Shining out with its’ elegant and fine and slim design, Tawa’s structure made of acrylic material bring warming and relief feel quicker compared to cast tubs. Besides, its’ ergonomically shaped back part allows for relaxation of lying. And the Supero built-in bathtub developed for a relaxing bath experience, assort with modern and simple bathrooms with plain lines. Standing out with the curling detail that brings out geometric form in narrow spaces, Supero’s drain and overflow may be adjusted to the middle section at the longer side or shorter side optionally.


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