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The “Rising Values Award Ceremony” where NG Kutahya Seramik meets with its’ business partners every year, has been held over Zoom application in NG Sapanca Enjoy Hotel due to the pandemic. As a first in Turkey, up to 600 business partners of NG Kutahya Seramik were connected online.

NG Kutahya Seramik Rising Values Award Ceremony which’s being held traditionally every year, was made in newly opened NG Sapanca Enjoy Hotel. NG Founding President Nafi Gural, NG Kutahya Seramik Chairman of Board of Directors Erkan Gural, Kutahya Porselen Chairman of Board of Directors Sema Gural Surmeli, NG Hotels Chairman of Board of Directors Hediye Gural Gur, Kutahya Porselen Vice Chairman of Board of Directors Gulden Gural and their family members have participated in the ceremony. Nafi Gural’s elder brother, Gurallar Group Chairman of Board of Directors Rıza Gural was also with them.

In the Rising Values Award Ceremony, business partners ranked as the first twenty according to their turnover rankings, were awarded. NG Kutahya Seramik Antalya business partner Opal Yapı has beaten a record and was granted the Turkey turnover first place award the ninth time successively. Kayseri Dekoyap Yapı and Mersin Yucesoy Seramik has taken the second and third places repsectively.

Nafi Gural: “We must leave a trace behind us not work”

NG Founding President Nafi Gural has made a speech in the ceremony and gave precious advices to bsiness partners: “To get results making you proud you have to get grey hairs. If your proud success still continues after your hairs get grey than you’re successful. We must leave a trace behind us not work. We must manage the crisis well. I always say that there’s no such thing as crisis, those are the things that we can come up with during the natural course of life. For example when you’re driving a car there can be a sudden ramp in front of you coming up unexpectedly. A violating vehicle coming across you all of a sudden can put you in a tough situation. We must overcome these and go on our way.’’

New factory will be named the October 29 Factory

NG Kutahya Seramik Chairman of Board of Directors Erkan Gural has begun his speech evaluating the 2020 building sector and gave the good news about the new factory: “We lived a period in 2020 where our products were sold out especially in the building sector. We increased the NG Kutahya Seramik factories’ capacity to 100 percent during the pandemic period. When we saw that this was insufficient we have immediately got busy for a new factory and made an investment decision. We’re planning to put the first phase of this big project into operation in October 2021 and put at the disposal of the Turkish economy which will provide production with 8 million square meters when finished. The name of this factory which will be located near our July 15 Factory, will be October 29 Factory. As soon as the first phase is completed we will be starting the works on the second phase in no time. By realizing such a factory by October 2023 and in the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we will be bringing in Turkish economy and Kutahya, the biggest, most comprehensive, most equipped and most modern factory of Turkey under a single roof. I believe this increase in demand will be much more when the rough jobs of the newly began buildings comes to ceramics-working in 2022. We again will make this period a period of “sold outs”.’’

Mentioning about the other investments they’re putting into practice, Erkan Gural announced that the kiln they’ve been keeping on building up in July 15 Factory, has a yearly production capacity of 3 million square meters for now and will reach a total production capacity of 11 million square meters in a year. Gural also mentioned about the investments on tourism sector: “We have opened NG Sapanca Enjoy which we’re holding our award ceremony right now, to operation in October 2020. I’m very glad to share with you that there’s a high demand to this hotel of ours with 265 rooms. We also have our NG Phaselis Hotel which’s still being constructed with 1.400 employees for full time in Antalya Kemer. We will complete and put our 550 roooms hotel at the disposal of our country’s tourism in April 2021. We spend full working hours and best of our efforts with our coworkers to make it one of the region’s most creditable and special hotels.”

Erkan Gural also emphasized in his speech that there are significant successes achieved also in exportation: “As NG Kutahya Seramik, exportation is highly important for us. When we look at the numbers of the last 5 years, we saw that we’ve increased our market share by 374 percent. We were among the 79 countries of the world last year. Today we will be working with the best of our efforts with all of our coworkers to increase this number and continue to contribute Kutahya and our national economy. We export a significant amount of our production to many countries around the world. As NG Kutahya Seramik, we have reached a number of shops of 260. We have an existing abroad shop network of about 45-50. We have continued shop openings in pandemic too. Number of shop we opened during these times is 28. We planned it as 20 and good that we have gone even beyond our plans.”


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