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Porland, one of Turkey's important tableware manufacturers, introduced its new collections at Ambiente Frankfurt 2024. The "Re-gen" series, which the company produced as a world first from recycled porcelain with a focus on sustainability, attracted great attention at the fair.

Porland, which introduced its new brand "Pioli" and its new collection "Funky" at the world's most respected consumer products fair Ambiente Frankfurt 2024, met with nearly 100 commercial customers from more than 10 countries it works with. One of Porland's most striking collections at the fair was the "Re-gen" series, which was produced from recycled porcelain, a world first, with a focus on sustainability.

Porland Board Member Imge Pamukcu said the following about their sustainability-oriented production: “The Re-gen collection, which was exhibited at the fair to symbolize our brand stance and is our focal point in our sustainability principle, was received with great interest, especially by visitors from Northern European countries. In our Re-gen collection, which we created by recycling end-of-life products, we re-evaluate broken porcelain products as an alternative to plastic, thus breaking new ground in the world and leading our industry. Thanks to this environmentally friendly stance, we prevented 735.13 tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by recycling 301.2 tons of raw materials in 2021. In addition, we contributed to sustainability by recycling approximately 150 tons of colored porcelain shards.”


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