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Offering many personalized alternatives for bathrooms, Geberit allows freedom to users with command console caps. Sigma 50 and Sigma 21 command console caps of the Geberit Sigma family, can be personalized according to the user preferences.

Continously updating its’ product range with “Design Meets Function” philosophy, the Swiss sanitaryware manufacturer Geberit allows consumers to give a last touch to bathrooms with its’ command console caps. Sigma 50 and Sigma 21 command console caps characterizes bathrooms according to user preferences thanks to their personalizable features. Sigma 50 and Sigma 21 satisfy hygiene demand with its’ easy-to-clean pushing buttons and saving demand with its’ two-stage decharge system and can be used together with Geberit Sigma series embedded reservoirs.

Sigma 50 command console caps of Geberit Sigma series, offers complementary options for bathroom designs with its’ renewed colors and materials. Sigma 50 adds up natural stone, concrete and wooden surface options to its’ 8 different surface colors such as white, black, bright chrome, chrome, smoky glass, earth color glass, and beige glass and enriches its’ look with brass, bronze and black chrome color pushing button alternatives. Having the signature of the world famous industrial designer Christoph Behling, Sigma 50 can be covered with the material choosen by the user for bathrooms and to be able to create a cover that suits the color combination.

Geberit Sigma 21 command console cap ensures a full harmonization with its’ frameless design of round pushing buttons and high quality surface. Having also a model offering covering with a wide range of materials thansk to its’ frameless design, Sigma 21 creates top aesthetics in bathrooms with surface options such as concrete, wood, glass and slate. Sigma 21 offers a classy look with its’ brass, chrome, black chrome and bronze design circle and can be used in every kind of space with its’ practical use, easy mounting and ergonomical structure.

In addition to these, Geberit Sigma 50 and Sigma 21 command console caps allows for optional integration of Geberit DuoFresh nosing unit which eliminates bad smells forming inside the bath at their source and brings smart functions together with comfort for fresher and cleaner bathrooms.


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