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Selim Cinar’s ceramic works in his solo exhibition "MAMU" focused on the perfection of imperfection, establishing a connection with prehistoric cultures, Jungian and Far Eastern philosophies.

Konya Selcuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramics Department Faculty Member Selim Cinar's fifth solo exhibition "MAMU" met with the audience at Galeri Guga between 3-16 February 2024. With his works in this exhibition, Cinar focused on being blue and the perfection of the concept of imperfection. The selection of the artist, who established eclectic connections with prehistoric cultures, Jungian and Far Eastern philosophies, consisted of 25 works.

Selim Cinar obtains layers and gaps by applying paraffin decor technique to the surface of the forms he shapes by hand and mold using stoneware, porcelain and red clay. In terms of color, in addition to the use of glaze, the color effects provided by colored ceramic clay, slip painting and wood firing stand out. The artist used concrete as an auxiliary material in his ceramic works. Superficial, formal variations and color contrasts were noteworthy throughout the exhibition.


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