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NG Kutahya Seramik 100th Anniversary Factories were opened last February with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We talked to Goksen Yediguller, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of NG Kutahya, who brought this great investment to the country's economy, during his busy schedule.


First of all, we congratulate the opening of the 100th Anniversary Factories. You have added another factory to the country's economy. What was the strongest emotion you felt at the opening?

The strongest feeling we felt as NG Kutahya Seramik was pride. The pride of achieving an important mission such as contributing to our country's economy and creating employment excited us deeply at the opening moment. Being a part of this important project and contributing to the development of our country filled us with a great sense of satisfaction as a company. At the same time, by making intense efforts, we implemented many projects and completed the construction of our factory in a short time. As a team, we achieved our goal by working with great dedication and determination at every stage.

An investment of 140 million Euros was made for this factory. You reinvest what you earn into the country. What is your biggest motivation?

Our greatest motivation is to contribute to our country and society. To support economic growth, create job opportunities and contribute to the development of our country with the investments we make. In addition, it is very important for us to successfully represent our country abroad and to ensure that our ceramics of Turkish origin are available all over the world. Increasing the added value of the Turkish ceramic industry by increasing its global recognition is part of our goals and motivation.

As NG Kutahya Seramik, we continue our work with the strength of being a big family. The visionary personality and encouraging leadership of our Chairman of the Board, Erkan Gural, inspires us and increases our motivation to move our company forward

The 4th Industrial Revolution started with digital transformation. You also produce with industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence technologies in these factories. Can anyone who does not adapt their production to this survive? 

Production models that are not compatible with Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence technologies face the risk of losing competitiveness. In today's rapidly changing and developing technological environment, adapting production processes to these new technologies is vital to gain competitive advantage.

With Industry 4.0, issues such as sustainability and green energy have become the focus of production. Where do you get energy from and how are you affected by the increase in energy costs?

As NG Kutahya Seramik, we provide our energy from sustainable sources. With a 25 MW solar energy investment, we implemented the first and largest energy project of the Turkish ceramics industry. This investment is of great importance in terms of reducing dependence on sustainable energy sources and minimizing environmental impacts. Generating energy from renewable sources such as solar energy represents an environmentally friendly approach and plays an important role in reducing energy costs in the long term.

The air coming out of the ECO kilns of our nature-friendly factories is recycled back into the system, providing savings in heat, and all interior lighting consists of energy-saving LED lighting. Thus, energy consumption is minimized and environmental impact is reduced.

In addition to all these measures, our factories where recycling systems are installed ensure that waste materials are used and evaluated without harming the nature. These practices support the long-term success of our company by ensuring not only environmental but also economic sustainability.

You have the most advanced technologies in the world ceramic industry, but what about design? Can you tell us about your approach to design?

We attach great importance to design and R&D. We focus on developing high-end designs in terms of aesthetics and functionality, together with advanced technologies, and we are one of the leading companies in this field. We work innovatively to offer products that suit the styles and tastes of our users. Our R&D and P&D activities enable us to take the fastest and most effective actions in the industry. Our NG Stone series, which we produce at 100th Anniversary Factories, is an example of this. With this collection, we started to produce the world's largest size for the first time in Turkiye. 160x320 cm NG Stone is the result of our investments in innovative design and production techniques.

Apart from ceramics, you also have investments in the field of tourism. They are two very different fields, if you compare them, which one is more challenging?

Both fields have their own challenges. While the ceramics industry requires constant investment to keep up with technological innovations and market demands and to remain competitive, it is important to ensure customer satisfaction and adapt to changing trends in the tourism industry. However, success in both sectors requires dedication and strategic planning.


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