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Organized by IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association under the main sponsorship of Bien, the conversation series ‘once a month’ is continuing to be an inspiration to architecture and design world with various topics and guests.

Brought into being with the collaboration of IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association and Bien, the topical, social and inspiring conversation series ‘once a month’ are meeting with the audience with colorful topics and guests every time. From Metaverse to classic car passion, various topics are inspiring the listeners. For instance, ecotourism which’s a new alternative for tourism in recent years and rising day by day, has become the agenda topic of ‘once a month’ also. The conversation was held in June, in Izmir Urla, under the moderatorship of IDEALIST Interior Architecture Board of Directors Member the Architect Oznur Turan Eke, and the ecotourism topic was discussed by its’ economical, agricultural and humanistic aspects. The conversation guests Uzbas Arboretum Chairman of Board of Directors Can Ortabas and the Founder of Teruar Urla Osman Serdaroglu have made important evaluations about ecotourism.

Discussing the hot buttons with their experts, the fifth conversation of once a month has been organized under the title collection with the participations of famous architects and business people. The topic of ‘collection’ was talked about in the conversation which was held in August, in the Ural Ataman Classic Automobile Museum under the moderatorship of the IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association’s Founding Member Interior Architect Ayhan Geveli. Both guests of the conversation are Classic Car Club members and the Architect Haluk Unsal and the business person Saydun Goksin together with the interior architect Ayhan Geveli have shared their opinions on various different topics like design, functionality, environment and sustainability alongside their common passion to classic cars.

All the videos of the ‘once a month’ conversation series, are meeting with their audience in the YouTube channel of the IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association.


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