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Inspired from the Bauhaus trend which has shaped the 20th century architecture and design, VitrA’s geometric formed Atelier 01 tiles allows for different combinations.

VitrA’s Atelier 01 tile collection, with its’ patterns looking like dyed with color pencils on a textured paper, invites the user to experiment, play and create. With its’ geometric forms inspired from the Bauhaus trend which shaped the design and architecture in the 20th century, Atelier 01 allows for a genuine design to be made each time. Tiles can be used both on the floor and on walls and have the eco-friendly Ecolabel and GREENGUARD certificates. Developed in a way to inspire numerous designs with various tiling combinations, Atelier 01 sets out with 4 colors and 2 main patterns. With the 15x15 cm sized porcelain tiles of the collection, you can create surfaces that looks like coming out of a modern art gallery. Offering a rich palette of creation to architects and designers, Atelier 01 includes matte surfaced tiles in 11 different design, 9 patterns and 2 background colors.


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