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While traditional toilets with flat ducts accumulate bacteria, smell and residues on their surfaces, Geberit’s new product designed totally without ducts, Rimfree® toilets have removed hard-to-reach areas where bacteria can accumulate and smell may grow. Equipped with a patented special washing technology, these toilets ensures hygiene.

The inventor of embedded reservoirs, the Swiss sanitaryware giant Geberit provided a solution again that will ensure ultra hygiene in bathrooms and released the ductless toilet Rimfree® in Turkish market. Geberit’s patented product Rimfree® which’s made ready for production after a long and elaborative R&D study, is planned to be set up with the consumer within 2021 with more than one model.

Designed totally without ducts, Geberit Rimfree® toilets offer the most hygienic solution for bathrooms with its’ technology that does not house any ducts that are hard to reach during cleaning and where bacteria can accumulate and smell may grow. Thanks to its’ innovative design, Geberit Rimfree® provides a full cleaning by flushing the water from the reservoir symetrically and balancedly over the two sides of the toilet. Having an open and modern design language, Rimfree®’s unique design, with its’ alternating water usages of 6 or 4,5 liters, eliminates the residues without splashing water and also contributes to water-saving.

Thanks to the patented and innovative EFF2 mounting system of Geberit Rimfree® and its’ special design worm gear parts, the mounting is made easily, fast and safe. While the mounting of the toilet can be easily made by one person using the cover mounting holes, this feature also enables the mounting holes to be hidden.


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