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Being worked on for so long to gain reputation to businesses that fully fulfill their obligations to public and their employees, the "White Flag" practice is started. And one of White Flag practice's first owners is NG Kutahya Seramik.

Companies which fulfill their responsibilities to public, protect their employees and pay their taxes, are now awarded with 'white flag'. Being deemed worthy to be awarded for companies that fully fulfill their responsibilities to the government and their employees in issues like declared work, tax compliance and care to continuously develop occupational health and safety standards, White Flag met their winners in an award ceremony organized and hosted by the Ministry of Labor and TISK (Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations) where NG Kutahya Seramik also took place among the white flag winning companies.

NG Kutahya Seramik Chairman of the Board Erkan Gural took the White Flag award from the Minister of Labor and Social Security Prof. Dr. Vedat Bilgin and uttered his pleasure about this practice:

“Taking this topic at hand, working on it for years and putting it into practice today, is highly important and valuable both in terms of our parent associations and our business offices. Criteria such as working order and precision implemented in businesses, timely paying the premiums, adequately providing the worker's health and safety, have been prioritized during this course of period and now being awarded with white flag made us blissed. With 1400 people in the ceramics field, 1000 in the porcelain group, 1500 in tourism and 250 in logistics, we continue our works as a huge family. Our co-worker's peace and happiness has always been our priority. And this policy will continue as it's from now on. I believe we crowned our works and achievements with White Flag. This became a moral and motivation for us. In future course of periods we will be enhancing and developing these and work with all our power to ensure this success in our other companies.”


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