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Seramiksan continues to expand its’ dealer network in Turkey with unconditional customer satisfaction principle and took its’ dealer in Sanliurfa Karakopru, Tugra Investment and Interior Architecture into service.

The opening is held in last October with the participation of Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar, Seramiksan executives, company owners Interior Architect Busra Capli, Muslum Capli and several invitees. In this new showroom of 1000 m2, a wide range of product portfolio from ceramics to vitrified products and building chemicals will be presented. Also the bathroom furniture brand reflecting the Italian style in bathrooms, VOQ’s design appealing to several different decoration styles, will meet with the customer.

Serving with 250 shops in 76 cities, Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar underlined the importance they weigh on customer satisfaction and said: “We are a big family with our dealers successfully representing the Seramiksan brand all around Turkey and what lies behind all our successes is the strength and motivation of being one and united. Today, meeting the customer expectations are getting harder and harder but I know we are quite fortunate in terms of our dealers providing innovational, creative, quality and genial service with a solution offering approach. With this new shop contributing to the expansion of our dealer network in Anatolia, we are proud to reach to our customers and bring our products to them.”


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