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Changing the dynamics of the sanitary ware sector with its' innovative investments, Geberit brought forth its' new products Smyle Square Rimfree® and Acanto Rimfree® toilets to the users. Products provide superior hygiene with their ductless structures.

The leader of sanitary ware sector in European market, Geberit released its' new products Smyle Square Rimfree® and Acanto Rimfree® toilets and made a fast start to 2022. Meeting Smyle bath series' pattern compatible technology with the superior engineering power of Geberit, the Smyle Square promises a new experience of hygiene to its' user. With its' antibacterial property alongside its' ductless structure, the product offers top hygiene in the bathrooms and significantly contributes to the green transformation with its' thrifty water-use with alternatives of 4,5 and 6 liters.

Geberit Smyle Square, Geberit Acanto

Leaving nowhere to hide for bacteria with their ductless structures, the toilets make it sure the water reaches everywhere with their special washing technology. Smyle Square Rimfree® with 54 cm profile and Acanto Rimfree® with 51 cm profile, without compromising on comfort and hygiene, also allows for water-saving. It makes green transformation sustainable with its' 4,5 and 6-liter thrifty water use alternatives.

Both products complement elegance in bathrooms for they offer a more aesthetical look thanks to their hidden wall connections. Duroplast lid with antibacterial coating, is attached to the toilet with brass hinges and can easily be removed while cleaning. This way, hygiene meets up with every spot. Thanks to this feature, the toilet lid can be assembled on easily with one person and the assembly holes are hidden.

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