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The book titled "Passion for Creating Value", which conveys the thoughts, life and initiatives of Dr. Nejat F. Eczacibasi, the founder of the Eczacibasi Group, who passed away 30 years ago, in his own words, has been published.

The “Passion for Value Creation” compilation, which includes the opinions and experiences of Nejat Eczacibasi, who is known as one of the "founding leaders" of the industry and the private sector in Turkey, and the founding stories of many brands and institutions he gave life to, was published by Yapı Kredi Publications.

The book “Passion for Creating Value” was compiled from Nejat Eczacibasi's own writings and speeches included in his books “From Generation to Generation” (1982), “Impressions, Hopes” (1994) and “A New Turkey” (1998). The book, which is enriched with visuals from the archives of the Eczacibasi Group and doubles as an album, also includes the opinions of people who had the opportunity to know Nejat Eczacibasi closely.

Eczacibasi Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Bulent Eczacibasi states the following in the introduction of the book: "Nejat Eczacibasi was a 'passionate' person. Along with his passion for people, his passion for his homeland and his passion for art, I think he was most dependent on his 'passion for entrepreneurship'. Nejat Eczacibasi, who said 'An entrepreneur is a person who creates value', worked throughout his life to bring 'new values' to his country. In order for these values ​​to be permanent, he gave great importance to 'institutionalization'. He made efforts to establish a modern understanding of governance not only in the Eczacibasi Group, where he laid the foundations, but also in all the initiatives he pioneered or was among the founders.”

The “Passion for Creating Value” not only reflects Nejat Eczacibasi's rich intellectual knowledge in a concise manner, but also sheds light on our country's history of industrialization and social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Nejat Eczacibasi was born in Izmir in 1913. Following his undergraduate studies in chemistry at the University of Heidelberg in the 1930s, he completed his master's degree at the University of Chicago and his doctorate at the University of Berlin. He started his first ventures in business life in the early 1940s with the production of vitamin pills, children's food and ceramics. In 1952, he founded the Eczacibasi Pharmaceutical Factory, Turkey's first modern pharmaceutical facility. With his innovative initiatives, he transformed the Eczacibasi Group into one of the largest industrial groups in Turkey, operating in different sectors such as health, building products and personal care products. Dr. Nejat F. Eczacibasi who pioneered the establishment of many associations and foundations such as TESEV, TUSIAD, IKSV, passed away on October 6, 1993.


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