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VitrA brings nature to indoor spaces with its tile series reflecting wood textures such as walnut and oak and natural stone textures. Thanks to VitrA's printing technology, the textures on the surface of the Woodart and Meteorite series attract attention with their realistic appearances.

VitrA’s Woodart tile collection, which combines walnut and oak textures with ceramic surfaces, is inspired by the natural beauty of wood and appeals to the senses with the reliefs on its surface and the details in its design. The collection, which reflects the inherent naturalness and calmness of wooden textures on ceramic surfaces, focuses on 4 colors chosen while preserving the natural texture and colors of the wood. VitrA Woodart tiles in 30x120, 20x120 cm dimensions offer creative flooring options with 40x40 cm knitted patterned decorative tiles.

Meteorite porcelain tile series was created as a result of meticulous material research and the reinterpretation of raw and strong natural stone textures. The series, which can be combined with VitrA's other tile collections, is produced in 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm size alternatives and light cream, mink, beige, grey, dark gray color options. Suitable for residential and commercial areas, VitrA Meteorite ensures that each tile has a different color and design, thanks to its ReaLook printing technology.


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