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Carelia, one of the new collections of Yurtbay Seramik, which produces with the mission of "From Nature to Art", creates an elegant look with its black marble look and glossy surface, while allowing for design diversity when combined with different material textures.

Carelia black polish, 60x120 Ambiance, Carelia black polish, 30x60, Ambiance, Carelia black polish 60x60 Ambiance

Among the newest designs of Yurtbay Seramik, the marble-looking collection Carelia demonstrates its assertiveness in spaces with its modern and contemporary style. Marble-like tiles, which are trending today, provide ease of use along with aesthetics. Carelia Series, designed by Yurtbay Seramik with this understanding, with its surface shining like glass, symbolizes elegance with its 60X120cm size and black color.

Revealing the splendor of marble with its extraordinary appearance, the series allows use from walls to floors in all areas of life, from hotels to restaurants, from living spaces to social areas, from bathrooms to kitchens. It helps to design the space as desired by using it together with different material textures.


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