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In the ninth gathering of the conversation series ‘once a month’ organized by IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association by the main sponsorship of Bien, “Multidisciplinary Approaches in Design” is discussed.

The ninth of the conversation series ‘once a month’ brought into action by the collaboration of the IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association and Bien, is organized under the title “Multidisciplinary Approaches in Design”. Yellow dot founder partner Dilara Kan hon and painter Mehmet Sinan Kuran have attended the conversation as speakers where the Association member and the Designmixer Founder Tijen Samuray Oztek has taken on the task of being the moderator.

In the conversation, with the questions posed to Mehmet Sinan Kuran and Dilara Kan, the effects of their working style on their creation and production process and their collaboration on the results regarding the art, design and production have been discussed. Along with the planning and organization of the resulting work and material advantages as the final product, it’s emphasized that team works, by means of creativity and productivity, give birth to new synergies in terms of moral motivation through different approaches and perspectives. It’s discussed that creating out of nothing is a whole creative process on its own with all of its’ stages and that every individual participating in it, establishing it and the idea are very valuable elements with their influence on the result, and participants talked about the project processes they experienced in this sense and this kind of collaborations in the world of design.

All videos of the ‘once a month’ conversations series are available for audience in IDEALIST Interior Architecture Association’s YoutTube channel.


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