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Elif Aydogdu Agatekin’s exhibition titled “Monologue” is viewed in Erdinc Bakla Art Gallery in Bodrum Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village between 13th August – 1st September. The artist in her exhibition, has announced the burden of the past, her childhood she forgot a long time ago and being stuck between the past and the present to the audience through her inner voice.

“Under the burden of the past we forgot to enjoy the experience of living. The joyless, coarse, dirty and unnoble cold wind blowing for years has withered all the flowers of our beautiful garden. The climate of this densely layered blockade that we’re trapped inside, has made us so angry, disunited, fragile and insecure that we are both cold and afraid. We turn in upon ourselves more and more every day and we hide inside ourselves more while we’re trying to understand whether we need to migrate or move away. We’re now silent and lonesome masses, we turn into stones of not talking and not able to talk anymore… Monologue is the fiction of inner voices in this silence which wraps me with a motherly affection and speaks about my lonesome, my meaningless tiredness and discrepancies. Monologue is my state of being stuck between my childhood which I forgot a long time ago and not being able to leave the past… It’s me finding myself turning back to the peace in that tiny house behind the mountain of patience every time I want to go away… Me staring at it even I know the meaningless of it, me standing upright even I’m dispersed… Monologue; a selection of my inner voices which speaks about my past days, months, years as I wait in sleep problems, tens of scribbled notebooks, ifs, chances and falling shorts… This time I shaped my ceramics to express that inner voice and at last I dreamt that there’s actually no one behind the walls I put up. I opened my windows and let the air in and wished for the days the birds coming at my windows and bringing good news… To let the sun bring the spring, let the flowers blossom in my garden, let there be a beautiful thing happen…”

Elif Aydogdu Agatekin


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