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  • Aydın Dinçer, Chairman of the Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (IMIB), announced that the mining industry closed 2019 with an export of 4.3 billion dollars. Natural stone exports amounted to $ 1,864 billion. The sector expects regulation in the mining law in the first quarter of 2020.

IMIB President Aydın Dinçer, by explaining that the mining sector, which contributes to the creation of a value of nearly 40 billion dollars by producing raw materials to all other sectors, will have a new mining law in 2020, stated that they expect the law prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources to bring dynamism to the sector. Dinçer also said that the facilities working with half capacity can start full capacity production with the new mining law. In a statement made by IMIB President Aydın Dinçer, it was indicated that the sector closed 2019 with exports of 4.3 billion dollars and the share of natural stone in this number was 1.864 billion dollars. Dinçer stated that Turkey has 80 out of 90 mine types that are produced in the world and also stated that there are 150 different types of natural stone variety and declared the variety of marble we have as a country as 650. Stating that they are working to evaluate such a great wealth at a point that will

contribute more to the country’s economy, Dinçer noted that the Turkish mine was used in 197 countries, and their next goal was to deepen in the markets.

Despite the wealth, mine imports worth $ 25 billion

Reminding that Turkey imports coal, iron ore, gold, copper, lead, zinc, and metal with many mines and is paying about $ 25 billion each year, Dinçer noted that this table should change. Dinçer also mentioned the new mining law prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and planned to be introduced in the first quarter of 2020 and he said: “If everything goes as planned, the sector will continue with its new law in the first quarter of 2020. We demand that the law be based on a warning-priority principle, not a penalty priority, and that the license cancellations are made difficult. We believe that facilitating the permit processes will also stimulate the sector.”


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