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In the Our Life Mineral the 4th Mining Workshop organized last January, the current situation is evaluated and a route map is drawn towards the goals. Breaking the record in the history of the republic in last year with an exportation of 5,93 billion dollars, the industry's goal in 2022 is a 20 percent exportation increase.

Discussing the current situation, common problems and solutions of the mineral industry, Our Life Mineral the 4th Mining Workshop is organized in 15th of January in Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel. In the workshop which is organized by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association (IMIB) and held in keeping with the conditions of the pandemic, "Minerals in Industry", "Sustainability in Mining and Responsible Mining", "Legislation and Registration", "Environment and Rehabilitation", "Natural Stone in Design and Architecture" and "Mining Perception Study" panels are held.

Organized with the lead of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Seref Kalayci, Deputy Minister of Riza Tuna Turagay, IMIB Chairman of Board of Directors Aydin Dincer, Miners Association of Turkey President Ali Emiroglu, Chairman of Board of Directors of Turkish Marble, Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers' Association Ibrahim Alimoglu, General Secretary of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Associations (IMMIB) Dr. Selahattin Armagan Vurdu, important institutions, companies of the industry and nongovernmental organizations have attended the workshop.

Plaques are presented in the workshop. Plaques are given to the companies which convert mine sites to cultivated areas after their activities end and continue to contribute to the economy, value the environment and rehabilitation and conduct sustainable mining.

“Our minerals should be located with deep explorations”

Taking on the host of the workshop, IMMIB Chairman of Board of Directors Aydin Dincer evaluated the mining industry which broke the record of the history of the republic with 5,93 billion dollars and continued his speech: “There's a serious need for minerals in our country to transform ores to end products. It's very valuable to locate our minerals with deep explorations and that governmental institutions to support these works. As long as we succeed this our industry will also improve. On the other hand, one of the important agendas of our industry is sustainable mining. Through filmings and tours we make in cultivated areas, we narrate to the public opinion in every media, that mine sites are being rehabilitated and regained to the economy after leave and the value given to sustainability by the industry. We keep on our works for the awareness of the public opinion with the press tours we organize. We conduct awareness studies for the use of natural stones with quite low carbon emission in many areas of life primarily in architecture.”

Red line of occupational health, safety and ministry of environment

T.R. Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Prof. Dr. Seref Kalayci spoke as “Today where we implement the production and exportation oriented model, minerals provide more employment and revenue and mean less current deficit. For this reason, we care sustainable production and responsible mining. As being the ministry, we have two red lines on this subject: Occupational health and safety and environment. Within this context, we will continue to precisely inspect the mine sites."

T.R. Deputy Minister of Commerce Riza Tuna Turagay indicated that the mining industry is making one of the most significant contributions to the exportation numbers increasing every year and has overcome the negative conditions of the pandemic in 2021 and said “Based on the data we have as ministry, the mining industry had a productive year of 2021 by breaking the record of the history of the republic with 5,9 billion dollars. As nations' give more and more importance to sustainability, the minerals of critical importance and the production of rare earth elements also gain value. At this point, we can show natural stones as the minerals of the future. Our biggest goal as ministry is to produce end product and product with high added-value. But of course, we consider occupational safety and environmental issues sensitively while we're reaching towards our goals. As being the ministry, we're in to provide every kind of support to pave the way for the mining industry.”

IMMIB General Secretary Dr. Selahattin Armagan Vurdu remarked out that IMMIB associated industries on the other hand, have increased their exportations by 50 percent in 2021 compared to last year, contributed 87 billion dollars to our countries 225,4-billion-dollar exportation and had a 38,6 percent share of Turkey's exportation.

“Permit processes may take years unfortunately”

Shared his opinions also on Legislation and Registration issue in the workshop, Aydin Dincer said the following: “One of the main industries of the national economy together with the agricultural industry, the mining faces different problems and tries to bring solutions to these. In order to open a mining business today; you need to get permission from 8 Ministries, 92 laws, 87 directives, 16 international treaties, 8 regulations and 24 different institutions and organizations. These permit processes may take years unfortunately and a negative opinion given by any institution in EIA process, causes the process to be terminated and licenses to be cancelled. Our request with regard to this, is the forestry permission requests to be assessed pertinent to the provisions in the Mining Law and Forest Law and the permissions to be given accordingly.”


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