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Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan's retrospective exhibition comprised of his milestone works of over a 60 years of life of art, is met with the audience in Antalya Chamber of Commerce's Culture Center between 29th April - 11th June.


Tuzum Kizilcan's 19612023 Retrospective Exhibition telling his journey set out with ceramic, is met with the audience in Antalya Chamber of Commerce's Culture Center between 29th April - 11th June . The exhibition is created as a selection comprised of artist's works of 62 years of life of art which he considered as milestones, from wall application which he was honored with silver medal in the competitional exhibition of International Academy of Ceramics in Prague in 1961 to his current works he created in 2023.

In the ceramic language Kizilcan uses, the main goal is to produce works with their own language where concept is not taking precedence over visuality and technics and the message are supporting each other. Kizilcan is ambitiously bound up to the job he's doing to achieve perfection and with the works he bring into being using serial of works, sludges, techniques each different from one another he narrates different things to us; this way interiorized thoughts take abstract identities.

The biggest characteristic of Kizilcan's works is each of them being achieved after a long process of gaining experiences.

In the Republic's 100th year, in this period of Republican Period Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Art making a significant progress, Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan is a cornerstone so to speak and in his genuine forms which he preserves his identity studying, producing, questioning and bringing a new perspective to ceramics, he makes his emotions concrete and visible for us; he thinks and supports his works' conceptual aspect together with their aesthetical value.

In this long journey of art the artist set out, considering this exhibition in a chronological order bears particular importance in terms of viewing both the phases the artist went through and the progress of contemporary ceramic art in Turkey.


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