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Elginkan Community’s leading and well-established member in fixtures and vitrified areas, E.C.A. SEREL has given technical training to 300 master plumbers in Ankara and Kayseri.

The leading brand of Turkish ceramic and sanitaryware market, E.C.A. SEREL keeps on contributing to the sector with the educations it gives. The last trainings in the first half of the year is organized in Ankara and Kayseri with the participation of 300 master plumbers. Product information, technical information and information including mounting processes regarding the E.C.A. Fixture, E.C.A. Technical Products, SEREL Ceramic Sanitaryware and SEREL Built-In Reservoir product groups, have been shared during the training where participants got the chance to share their knowledge and experiences.

Serving in many cities of Turkey with a wide product range and strong dealer network, E.C.A. SEREL has also informed the masters about the innovational systems of the products along with the training. With the trainings given to nearly 1.500 people in 9 different cities for the first half of 2022, the participants has got the chance to see the technologies and developments of the new period.


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