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Located in a district with the same name of Eminonu, inside the kulliye made by one of the grand viziers of Mehmed the Conqueror, Mahmud Pasha in 1474, the tiles of the turbe is renewed by Iznik Mavi Cini.

Back in the period of its’ build, the Mahmut Pasha Kulliye in Istanbul was composed of a mosque, a turbe, a double turkish bath, an inn, a madrasah, an imaret, an infants’ school and a court of which the attribute is not known exactly. Being renewed within the scope of the restoration works started in 2021 in the turbe inside the kulliye, the manufacturing of the tiles is undertaken by Iznik Mavi Cini.

Iznik Mavi Cini has previously undertaken and accomplished the tile restorations of some important works such as the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Eyup Sultan Turbe, Sivas Gok Madrasah and Rustem Pasha Mosque. 3548 pieces of Seljukian Era tiles in twenty five different forms of the Mahmut Pasha Turbe, have been manufactured faithful to their originals in turquois, manganese purple and cobalt colors.


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