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Magnifique, one of the newest collections of Bien that attracts with its extraordinary design, is on the way to be the favorite of luxury lovers with its big size, golden yellow details on black color and glass-like surface.

Operating in the Ercan Group of Companies Group, one of the major players in the building sector in Turkey and the world, Bien attracts attention with its designs also. The brand’s 2020 collection is a glamorous collection worthy of the name “Magnifique”. The Magnifique collection, which means “Magnificent” in French, elegantly presents the nobility of black with golden patterns on it.

Defining luxury with its glass-like surface, the collection brings along the ease of use of the large size. Magnifique, which stands out with its 120x180 cm size and original design, uniquely reveals its claim in spaces. The collection, which carries its splendor in its design and combines elegant details, allows to design distinguished atmospheres from wall to floor, living spaces, hotels and restaurants.


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