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The priority for protection after COVID-19 is hygiene. That’s why it matters to frequently clean and disinfect the living spaces at houses. The brand of those who cares aesthetics as well as hygiene, Bien brings Magiclean surface technology, a first in Turkey, to kitchens and toilets, the most often used places at houses.

Bathrooms of Bien design with anti-microbial features, impress both with their look and their cleanliness.

Approved by the German Hygiene-Institut and Yeditepe University Genetics and Bioengineering Department, Magiclean harbors no microbe in bathrooms and kitchens with its’ special formula. Environment friendly Bien’s Magiclean technology maximizes hygiene in wet spaces. This way, bathrooms and kitchens retrieves a lifetime maximum hygiene and smooth surfaces at the same time


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