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Exhibition of 2nd International Macsabal (Bowl) Competition organized by Hacettepe University, was held between 15-21 June at the Korean Culture Center in Ankara. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there was no opening and award ceremony. The exhibition featured the works of artists participating in the competition organized in two sections, traditional and fantastic.

In the competition evaluated by an international jury, French artist Ariane Coissieux received the Traditional Macsabal Award and Chilean artist Catalina Vial received the Fantastic Macsabal Award.

Traditional Onored Artists: Saravut Vongnate, Sergey Purtyan, Yiğithan Dumlu, Katharina Böttcher, Sulhee Lee, Kadircan İsmail Avcı, Şelale Güder Büke, Vinod Kumar Daroz ve Ramazan Sadık Yılmaz. Fantastic Onored Artists: Birsen Ünlütürk, Shamai Sam Gibs, Shulamit Teiblum Millar, Salih Veysel Özel, Duygu Kornoşor, Ayşe Ergüner, Vafa Afshar, Ding Jiawei, Snjezana Pokos Vujej, Şelale Güder Büke, Ossama Mahmoud Emam, Selim Çınar, Semiha Atabey, Mohammad Samir, Seyhan Yılmaz ve Vivod Kumar Daroz.

International Macsabal Competition is organized by Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics Department. The creator of this event is Korean artist Yongmoon Kim who has been teaching in this department for 10 years. President of the Organizing Committee of this competition is Yongmoon Kim, a bowl master. He tries to introduce the bowls called "macsabal" in Korean culture to the world with the symposia it has held for 30 years. Macsabal symposiums organized by the department in previous years brought together many ceramic artists.


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