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Artema’s smart solution in shower systems, V-Box completes bathroom design with various color options. Chrome, gold, copper, brushed nickel and matte black color options are easily adaptable with various bathroom styles.

Colors preserve their vividity for long years with Artema’s special color coating technology. V-Box’s round and square forms with their various color options, are easily adaptable with various bathroom styles. With the double-layered black coating technology that ensures long-lasting permanence of colors, the shiny chrome coating technology that’s resistant against tarnishing and corrosion and the highly-durable PVD technology that’s resistant against scratches, Artema guarantees use with safe for long years. The smart V-Box solutions make you experience a comfortable shower and also preferred by tourism businesses that are willing to have their guests feel at their home.

V-Box’s AquaControl function maintains a steady water temperature and enhances the comfort of a shower pleasure. Thermostatic bathroom faucets brings temperature to a desired level in a very short time and keeps it steady throughout the whole shower. Said technology also controls the fluctuations in water pressure and offers an uninterrupted shower pleasure without bothering any chill and burn.


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