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With its’ innovational collections developed for the ever changing demands of consumers and professionals, NG Kutahya Seramik took place in the Coverings Exposition organized in Las Vegas. Made with the attendance of top line brands from over 30 countries, the exposition is among the most prestigious ceramic fairs of the world and USA.

NG Kutahya Seramik has won great recognition in the Coverings Expo organized in April in the Las Vegas city of USA. It displayed its’ big-sized collections designed with inspiration from nature and innovations it brings into living spaces. Reflecting never-tried-before color options to its’ products with the 2022 collection, the brand started a new trend in living spaces.

Adding new designs to its’ Bookmatch collection, NG Kutahya Seramik brings mobility and an out-of-the-common elegance with the creative patterns keeping up with each other in harmony. One of the most assertive designs of the Bookmatch collection, the Savana presents the splendid dance of black and white. The “Pacific” that leaves an eye-catching impact in spaces with its’ ocean blue color, the “Comet” that makes a difference with its’ size of 120x240 cm and the “Fusion” composed of glossy and vivid marble pattern, have been the masterpieces of the exposition.


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