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Designing its' products considering the hygiene habits of its' users, SEREL brings fun to kids' bath experience with Paleimon Series developed in the guide of pedagogues. The sinks in the series being manufactured in monoblock form prevents them to be displaced when kids hang down.

Bringing in innovational solutions in vitrified industry with its' products addressing all groups of ages from 7 to 70, SEREL also draws attention with products aimed for kids in these days of where hygiene concept is high on the agenda. Paleimon Series which's developed as a result of intense R&D studies, provides maximum hygiene in personal spaces and in crowded places such as schools and malls, restaurants with kid specific toilets.

Designed together with pedagogues and colorizing bathrooms with marine and sail themes, Paleimon Series accompanies kids' fantasy world. Inspired from Paleimon, the protector of the seas and sailors in Greek mythology, the series includes monoblock sink, BTW toilet, reservoir, reservoir cap and toilet cover with slow closing feature.

Safe sinks for kids

Designed in two different heights for sink assembly for kids between 3 to 10 years old, Paleimon also gains advantage in terms of safety. Sinks in vitrified industry are generally designed in two parts as the sink + the foot and assembled separately as a standard. This application may cause various safety issues especially for kids. Paleimon Series avoids all these and manufactures the sink and the feet in a monoblock form. Thanks to the assembly method developed specific for the product, it's prevented for kids to hang down and displace the sink.

Developed by SEREL in 2015 and integrated into all vitrified groups, the Hygiene Plus technology is applied also to Paleimon Series. Nano technological silver ions contained in Hygiene Plus technology prevents dirt accumulation on vitrified surfaces. Hygiene Plus technology also contributes to the sustainable ecology by minimizing the water and detergent consumption.


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