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Geberit turns the time spent in bathroom into fun with the Bambini series offered to kids. Comprised of specially designed sinks, toilets, toilet lids, bathtubs and faucets, the series puts an innovational complexion on hygiene with its' design supporting and improving the imagination of kids.

Geberit's Bambini bathroom series developed by bearing in mind kids in common space use, becomes an ideal option for common areas like kindergartens and schools thanks to its' colors drawing the attention of kids. Bringing hygiene to the forefront, the series includes sinks, washing and game areas, faucets, toilets and bathtubs and besides its' educational aspect the high protection feature also brings measures to undesirable situations.

Washing areas that can be adjusted for the length of different age groups, make it practical for use. Sinks with round curves provides protection against injuries. And the lines of the faucets reminding of cartoon characters, are offered in the shape of a visored baseball hat to make kids' hand-washing habit into a fun activity. Faucets with single-command, photoelectric battery and electric options, enables practical use for minors. In addition, the smart design of the faucets; prevents excessively and sudden hot water flow with its' minimal sized thermostat.

Manufactured with fitting height option to enable kids reach easily, Bambini toilets facilitates toilet training. Frog-looking toilet lid enlivens the fantasy world of kids and offers a practical use at the same time: Minors whose feet cannot touch the ground can extend their feet to the lion foot. Having two different hanged toilets and four different ground toilets, the series also has Bambini kids bathtubs have 40 liters and 80 liters options and offer a more hygienic bath with their antibacterial surfaces. Besides, being manufactured from solid material makes bathtubs resistant against impacts and scratches for long times.


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