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Organized the "Plumbers Meeting" within the scope of "Training Seminars" all around Turkey for masters to develop their professional knowledge and skills, Kaleseramik met with the plumber masters in Mugla. 150 plumber masters attended the program which's organized in Fethiye, Dalaman and Marmaris under the pandemic measures.

Made with thousands of masters at various locations of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Erzurum, Denizli, Adana and Trabzon to date, the new address of the meetings is Mugla. In the 'Plumbers Meeting' organized in Fethiye, Dalaman and Marmaris upon the huge demand from the local dealers in Mugla, a training seminar is organized by Kaleseramik for 150 plumber masters.

Up-to-date products, applications and practical knowledges are conveyed to the participants by the Kaleseramik Marketing Training Director Ramazan Ozturk. Product applications on ceramic sanitary wares, complementary products, bathroom furniture, fixtures, bathroom accessories, acrylic products, shower and bathtub cabins and methods that provide practical benefits are explained in the meetings and all questions wondered about by plumber masters are answered. Knowledges about the subjects that provide practical benefits for plumber masters are given in the meeting and the promotional materials given got full thumbs up by plumbers.


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