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Embodying the leader brands of Turkish ceramic industry, Kaleseramik has opened its’ Alsancak Kale store renovated in Izmir. In the opening, Chef Arda Turkmen has prepared special delights on Kale T-One kitchen counter which design and technological powers of Kale are brought together.

Chef Arda Türkmen prepared special tastes.
Chef Arda Turkmen prepared specail delights for the guests.

Offering solutions to ever increasing consumer needs under a single roof, Kaleseramik has added Izmir too to its’ new retailing concept. There are products of Canakkale Seramik, Kalebodur, Kale Banyo, Italian Edilcuoghi Edilgres and leader brand of construction chemicals industry Kalekim in this store. In addition to these brands, in order to create integrated solutions aimed at different product group needs, products of popular brands such as Gorbon, Hansgrohe, Homemade Aromaterapi, Masuma Ceramics, are also offered to consumers. Stating out that they offer a life style rather than a product, Kaleseramik General Manager Altug Akbas said “We have entirely renovated our Kale store with exiting trends and attractive products. We believe that our store will make a difference in this area with its’ outstanding service manner and and that our stunning designs will suit the beautiful Izmir.”

Kaleseramik General Manager Altug Akbas, Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap, Deputy General Manager Barıs Orbay, Store Sales Manager Osman Yenice (left) Chef Arda Turkmen (right)

Altug Akbas, stating that they as Kaleseramik go on with every product, with the aim of making life easy for consumers and enhancing their quality of life, continued his words as “Today offering products in a single area, completing each other as much conforming with each other as possible to the users, is just as important as bringing products to life. Accordingly as Kaleseramik, we have rearranged our retailing system with a totally new retailing manner and began to offer 360 degree service to the consumers. With Canakkale Seramik, fufilling user expectations and coming at first by means of customers’ choice, Kalebodur, bringing new perspectives to architectural designs, Kale Banyo, making the time spend in bathroom more comfortable and pleasing, Edilcuoghi Edilgres, our prestigous brand reflecting Italian touch in its’ designs, we continue to bring out functional, eco-friendly, quality and unique designs setting the trends.”

Innovative Kale T-One

In order to show the outstanding features of Kale T-One is bringing to kitchens in the opening, Turkey’s popular chef Arda Turkmen, with the product presentation by Kaleseramik Marketing Director Zeliha Ozay Yurdatap, has prepared a special menu for the attendants. Delights prepared by Arda Turkmen on Kale-T One counter has earned big admirations.

Kalesinterflex, becoming a prominent choice of architectures in exteriors as well as in interior walls and floors, is now used also in areas other than conventional usage areas such as kitchen furniture and counters, exterior furnitures, tables, bathroom furnitures and washbasins. Continuing to set the trends with its’ innovational and design-oriented products, Kale’s innovational product Kalesinterflex, bringing freedom and uniqueness to architecture, is enabling new ideas to be applied and modern living spaces to be created as always. Developed for kitchens due to its’ handy design, T-One is breaking new grounds in kitchens with its’ scratch, fracture, stain, hot and cold and wear resistancy.


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