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Founded by Dr. Ibrahim Bodur in 1957 and becoming the pioneer of industrialization in Anatolia, Kale Group celebrated the 64th year of its' foundation with the traditional 'Ceramic Festival' organized in Canakkale Can. Held as a hybrid event due to pandemic, senior administrators of the city, people on behalf of the business world, company employees and many other visitors participated in the opening of the Ceramic Festival.

Blazing Turkey's trails for 64 years without losing its' connection with the land of birth and its' soul, Kale Group celebrated its' day of foundation, 27th of July with the traditional 'Ceramic Festival' organized in Canakkale Can. Canakkale Mayor Ilhami Aktas, Canakkale Deputy Julide Iskenderoglu, Canakkale Minister Bulent Oz, Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay, Kale Group Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors and Technical Department Manager Osman Okyay, senior administrators of Canakkale, people on behalf of the business world, company employees and many other guests participated in the event.

In the opening of the Ceramic Festival which's held hybrid due to pandemic, Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay has made a speech and said that they continue to always guide themselves with the principles of the late Ibrahim Bodur, the founder of Kale Group who has centralized the human in every job he did. Bodur Okyay indicated that they are continuously making investments from ceramics among the traditional business branches to Aviation and Defense industry that brings them success in the skies and continued her words “We have lined up in guide of the values inherited from our late founder to his day and looked at it as a basic must to stand still. We have walked to the future in guide of these values; blazed many trails and made many innovations. We have carried our story beginning with the soil to the skies. We will once again determine bold goals for the coming period and work hard to maintain our 'Castle like' stance.”

A call from Kale Group, 'Take Care Of Your World'

Emphasizing that the 'system change' is being discussed more than ever due to the pandemic with still on-going impacts and that we have come to a point of nothing but taking action, Zeynep Bodur Okyay spoke as “Everyone including people, companies and governments should develop new methods to stand still in this new world order. In this new era, we will be witnessing the prominence of leaders and companies managing risk and sustainability, social shareholders, diversity, environment, innovation, brand and reputation as a whole with social awareness. And as Kale Group, we on one hand investing on technology and human resource transition and on the other hand invite everyone and everything we touch to change and transform by saying 'Take Care Of Your World'. With this understanding, we aim to 'take care of', add value to ourselves, our business, our city and our country and make our influence sustainable with our projects such as Kale Ceramic Foundation, Kale Design and Art Center, Ibrahim Bodur Social Entrepreneurship Award Program, Women of Nowruz Cooperative, Mavruz investment, Hidirlar Ecologic Life Village.”

Emphasizing that they're dedicated to bring the facts represented by the Kale brand in to products and beyond that, to concepts, values and services, Zeynep Bodur Okyay said “We're all aware that what's globalizing are not welfare and stability but problems on the contrary. Correspondingly we see that sense of trust in societies is dead seriously being damaged in recent years. Building trust in every field of life is becoming more and more important for the future of societies and humanity. So our biggest power as Kale Group in our journey to future, will be this sense of trust we created in the society, our shareholders and employees. We look at our 65th year as a milestone and while living the proper pride of being the 'Castle' of production, from now on, we will be evolving into a brand that also thinks, offers and stands for the better everytime, heartfeltly adapting to the competitive conditions of the 21st Century and becoming stronger.”


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