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Kale Group’s “63rd Foundation Anniversary” and the traditional “Ceramics Festival” were celebrated with remote access in the Can district of Canakkale, the lands the group was founded in. An important example of state-nationcoalition, this tradition solidly continues for 63 years. This year’s celebrations has shown that despite the distances hearts are always together under all circumstances.

Kale Group’s Foundation Anniversary and Ceramics Festival that has been continuing solidly for 63 years, was held through remote access because of the circumstances caused by the pandemy this year. The festival of domestic manufacturing and industry and a beautiful example of state-nation coalition, the traditional 27th July was celebrated in hearts’ union despite the distances with the message attandances of both the statesmen and the CSO representatives.

The anniversary program was started in 26th July with a Ceramics Festival classic, the circumcision ceremony and Traditional Ceramics Festival Mawlid. 314 toddlers were circumcised in the ceremony and with this the number of children who are circumcised under the Ceramics Festivals until now has reached 16 thousands 115.

Continued with the “63rd Ceramics Festival Official Ceremony” in 27th July in Can, the land the group was founded in, there were a small group present in the program including Kale Group President Zeynep Bodur Okyay, Can Sub-Governor Mustafa Gurdal and Can Mayor Bulent Oz. After the ceremony which was held under the moderatorship of journalist Cem Seymen, the seniority rewards ceremony for Kale Family employees and vendors, is held under the online program and whole program was streamed live via Kale Group’s Youtube page.

Attending to the Ceramics Festival with his written message, Assistant of the President of the Republic Fuat Oktay has conveyed his wishes: “63 years ago you have blended our land with water, fire and entrepreneurship spirit and became ‘Anatolia’s Kale, Turkey’s pride’ in the flor tiling area. I’m sharing this pride with my full heart together with you in this traditional Ceramics Festival. With new exportation records, increasing employment numbers and its’ high added-value production in various business fields, Kale Group will keep it up with their contributions in the economy of our country. I believe you will advance further from the point you’re in now and continue to create added-values by catching up with the opportunities in this new era.”

Conveying in her message that the performances of industrial companies have a very important place in the development of countries, the Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan has said: “In this sense, with the progress it made since 1957, Kale Group has been one of the important industrail enterprises of our country. The vision brought by late Ibrahim Bodur Esq, is requiring continous advance and nonstop hard working. Lucky you the Kale Group employees, from the very top to the very bottom, are carrying out Mr. Ibrahim’s vision stil with the first day excitement.”

“Time to return to our self, reproduce from the essence of our self”

Kale Group President and CEO Zeynep Bodur Okyay who speaked in the ceremony, has stated that today means a lot more than a foundation anniversary:

“27th July is the celebration of the foundations we laid, steps we took by being thousands, ten thousands and the grounds we covered. It’s the festival of ceramics but also the festival of Anatolia’s development with industry; of devoted, efforted lands, of solidarity, commitment, fidelity and hope.”

Okyay has said, “If we trust each other, believe our lands, embrace our future, we will for sure get over this course too like we did in every difficulty for 63 years” and added“When our founder Ibrahim Bodur was taking the steps that binds us together today, the circumstances of those days also were not favorable. But he kept going after his dreams with those who participate in. It’s time to focus on that thing that gives them such courage, foresight, innovational thinking, fighting spirit and confidence back then... Inbrief, it’s time to turn to our self, reproduce from the essence of our self...”

Saying that they will keep on thinking, advancing and developing for these lands with honesty, values and faith in a beter future, Okyay has finished her words as follows: “As Kale Family, we will wake up to everyday with this confidence. Again with this confidence, we will continue our way tomorrow like we did in the past 63 years...”

Celebrated the 63rd Anniversary in Protocol

And those who celebrated Kale’s Anniversary with their video and written messages:

Ismail Demir, President of Defence Industry: “With God’s mercy and grace I commemorate Ibrahim Bodur who has made great efforts for Kale Group to reach out to these days and I celebrate all Kale Family’s 63rd foundation anniversary. In defence industry projects we regard on maximum use of our domestic industry’s potential and capability and providing the critical components of systems with domestic and national means. And all of the productions and activities Kale Group is doing in this way is very important and valuable for us.”

Bulent Turan, AK Party TBMM Group Deputy Chairman and Canakkale Deputy: “Becoming a global brand in 63 years, Kale Group has never forgot the lands it’s originated from and always preserv edits’ Canakkale identity. I would like to thank the members of Kale family for their valuable contributions to our city of Canakkale and our country.”

Numan Kurtulmus, AK Party Deputy President: “I appreciate Kale Group for the emphasis they put on production, labour and development as a national and domestic industrial enterprise, for their contributions they made in regard to the welfare of the local community and for sensitivity they show in this course we’re getting through.”

Cevdet Yılmaz, AK Party Director of Foreign Relations: “I congratulate the success of Kale Group which has reached a quite big scale in 63 years. This great succes of Kale Group is also the success of our country. I wish these success to continue by ever growing. I believe you will keep on bringing new investments in our country in comply with the priorities brought by the new environment.”

Julide İskenderoglu, Canakkale AK Party Deputy: “I celebrate the 63rd anniversary of Kale Group which represents our Canakkale not only in Turkey but in allover the world, contributes both to our city and ou rcountry in many are as and shows us how valuable is producing with every work it does.”

Muharrem Erkek, CHP Canakkale Deputy: “Both Kale Group in particular and our city of Canakkale will overcome this hard course we’re in with the least damage and our industry and production will get bigger and bigger day by day. I believe Kale Group will add new ones to its’ successes which makes us proud. With the employment and added-value it creates and contributions it made both to Canakkale and to our country it successed at being the pride of our city and country, I celebrate Kale Group, all of its’ members and share holders and wish them success.”

Ilhami Aktas, Canakkale Governor: “Making great contributions in Canakkale’s development in employment, added-value, education, culture and science; introducing our city known as the land of martyrs also the capital city of ceramics to the world, Kale Group is taking firm and confident stepss forward and we’re very proud of it.”

Ulgur Gokhan, Canakkale Mayor: “A very old value of our city, ceramics has turned into an industry at the hands of late Ibrahim Bodur and the Kale Group he founded has become a giant company worth of a global value in a shortspan of time and made great contributions in Canakkale’s and Turkey’s development in employment, added-value, education, culture and science.”

RifatHisarciklioglu, President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey: “Ibrahim Bodur, the founder of Kale Group, was one of the pioneers of the branding of Anatolia. He gave guidence also to me in business life. He has realized businesses that were beneficial both for the lands he was born and grown and for his country. I celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the Group with all my heart.”

Ismail Gulle, President of Turkish Exporters Assembly: “Founded by the great efforts of our estimable elder Ibrahim Bodur and made a history full of successes to this day, I wish Kale Group’s 63 years of adventure to last forever and them to add many values to our exportation and country.”

Nail Olpak, Chairman of Foreign Economic Relations Board: “Leading the 8 thousand years long historical adventure of ceramics that summarizes the civilization history, Ibrahim Bodur’s vision was ‘Trade enriches individuals, industry enriches societies’, I celebrate the 63rd anniversary and Ceramics Festival of the Kale Group that put its’ mark on great successes with this vision.”

Erdal Bahcivan, Board Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry: “Today we understand late Ibrahim Bodur’s vision and love of country much better. I want you to know that, rising on this faith and firm foundations, Kale Group will make invaluable contributions to ourcountry’s economy and to Canakkale for many more years.”

Sekib Avdagic, President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce: “Kale Group is one the leading companies of Turkey’s domestic and national capital. It has been the strongest fortress of the country in this past 63 years. I wish many more anniversaries for them in peace, health and blessings.”

Simone Kaslowski, TUSIAD President: “I commemorate Ibrahim Bodur who is also one of the founders of Turkish Industry and Business Association with respect. I have fullfaith in Kale Group that they will continue to produce with their emphasis on investments, create value by orienting at human and strengthen our country’s industry for many years to come.”

Massimo Gaiani, Italy Ambassador:“As Italian Ambassador of Turkey I have witnessed Kale Group’s professionalism and prioritizing of innovation; the group has always been a very good partner for Italy in terms of investment.”

Livio Manzini, Italian Chamber of Commerce: “I have fullfaith in ceramics industry to be an area that will improve the relation between Turkey and Italy and make these two countries closer, hereby I cordially celebrate your Ceramics Festival.”


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