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The first Turkish company to obtain the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and the Health Product Declaration (HPD), Kaleseramik’s experienced brand Kale Banyo, offers hygiene and saving together in the products it brings into being with the ‘smart’ philosophy.

Manufacturing all of its’ vitrified products such as toilet, toilet cover, sink and urinal with SmartHygiene feature in standard since 2017, Kale Banyo, as well as its’ hygiene feature providing lifetime protection, ensures easier cleaning with less cleaning supplies thus offers nature-friendly environmentalist solutions. Many bacteria inhabits especially the toilets and sinks and other moist places of bathrooms, one of the places hosting the most germs in houses. That’s why a hygienic bathroom is vital. Kale Banyo turns bathrooms into much more healthy places with its’ “SmartHygiene” technology which eliminates this problem for consumers.

Bringing lots of innovative products in Turkey, Kale Banyo creates classy and useful places that makes life easier for consumers and turns bathroom into fresh and hygienic environments with products featuring ‘SmartHygiene’ brought into being with the ‘Smart’ philosophy. Kale Banyo manufactures its’ vitrified products with SmartHygiene feature such as toilets, sinks, urinals and toilet covers used in many common living spaces from housings to workplaces, restaurants to hotels, gyms to shopping centers and at the same time offers nature-friendly environmentalist solutions by ensuring easier cleaning with less cleaning supplies.

SmartHygiene keeps its’ antibacterial feature provided in Kale Banyo products just like the first day. Nano-sized silver ion in its’ ingredient damages the cell walls of germs and decomposes their DNA and RNA forms. Nano silver ions used in it prevents the bacteria on the products from reproducing and also kills the existing bacteria. In addition to this, Kale Banyo does not reflect any price difference to its’ products which are applied SmartHygiene technology that’s proven by the tests conducted in independent laboratories, to prevent new bacteria growth and decompose the cellular integrity of and kill the existing ones.

Reasonable and awarded solution for bathroom is in “Smart Product Family”

Kale Banyo creates reasonable and environment-friendly solutions in bathrooms with its’ innovational products brought into being with the ‘Smart’ philosophy. With its’ hygienic and environment-friendly “Smart Product Family” consisted of SmartWash Toilet, SenseSmart Urinal and AquaSmart Urinal, Kale Banyo creates healthy spaces where every detail is considered.

With the ‘Golden Plumb’ awarded ‘SmartWash Toilet’ launched with a one year of R&D and design application study, Kale Banyo offers a 100 percent more hygienic and easy-cleaning system compared to standard toilets with duct. The system provides protection against stain and bacteria thanks to its’ ductless design and with the special jet-type washing system, ensures a washing and spreading the water equally to all areas without splashing it out.

Offering easy maintenance with the Kale Banyo patented special mounting kit and drain siphon, SenseSmart Urinal is standing out with its’ Integrated Microwave system that senses the liquid with no need for a photocell. The electronic urinal which works without hand touch, automatically cleans itself every 24 hours. Aesthetical looking SenseSmart Urinal provides 30 percent water-saving compared to standard urinals and the system that equally spread the water with Nozzle, enables washing with only 1 liter of water. ‘AquaSmart Urinal’ which bears the same features, ,s tsnading out with its’ environment-friendly structure.


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