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A selection of more than 250 works produced at the International Ceramics Workshop organized by Mehmet Nuri Gocen Foundation since 2013 was exhibited at the International EgeArt Days.


Mehmet Nuri Gocen Foundation International Ceramics Exhibition met with the audience at Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center within the scope of the 10th International EgeArt Days. The exhibition was a selection of works produced at the International Ceramics Workshop, curated by Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan and organized annually since 2013 by Naile Gocen Cukurova, President of the Mehmet Nuri Gocen Culture, Education and Art Foundation. The exhibition included 266 works of art produced by artists from Turkey and different countries. Each work had an instructive quality that made the audience think and question in terms of both expression, shaping techniques and firing diversity.

Villa Villaverde

At the opening of the exhibition, Mehmet Tuzum Kizilcan stated that the Gocen Family has continued to support art and artists for years and thanked them for their contributions. Stating that much from both the culture and art of ceramics was shared in the workshop, which became an international meeting of ceramic art, Kizilcan also drew attention to the importance of producing together and learning together.

Gokhan Tashomcu Mutlu Baskaya Keka Rijiz - Tagle

Tuzum Kizilcan, who has accomplished an important mission by bringing together experienced artists, traditional ceramic producing masters and young people in the last years of the workshop, contributes greatly to the development of ceramic art in our country, and also provides participants with production and technical opportunities and experience. It is our greatest wish that the workshop, where such valuable works are produced, will continue for many years.


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