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The first Turkish company which obtains Environmental Product Decleration – EPD Certificate for all of its product groups produced with respect to human and environment awareness, Kaleseramik’s R&D Center Laboratories have received accreditation from TURKAK (Turkish Accreditationb Agency). Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) is Turkey’s only agency providing accreditation service in the field of conformity assessment.

Kaleseramik has received the TS EN ISO 1705 – Laboratory Competency Certificate of international validity from TURKAK in 2019 and its’ accreditation extent is now broadened. With this new accreditation, the final product tests for ceramics to be made by Kaleseramik R&D Center Laboratories will be internationally and nationally valid by means of their chemical analyse results of waste water and raw material.

Supporting its’ leading role with solid R&D studies and laying the foundations of R&D today with the first systematic research and development studies it started in 1973, Kaleseramik, with focusing on sustainability and innovation, is conducting many projects that will shape the sector such as preventing waste, improvements in material and processes from raw material to final product and designing and developing innovative products.


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