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It’s estimated that water consumption per capita will be 1.120 meter cubes in 2030 and this rapidly brings Turkey closer to the same league with water poor countries. Industry enterprises which are responsible of the 13% of yearly water consumption, are takin actions from production all the way to product. And Seramiksan also manufactures in line with the zero waste policy.

Celebrated every year on 22nd of March since 1993, the World Water Day’s theme this year is designated as “solving the water and sanitation crisis” and studies made regarding the proper water consumption and management methods to prevent water scarce, have taken its’ place in the agenda again. After a winter season with no precipitation, experts pointed out that countries which may face a water shortage in the months to come, are required to use their water resources in a proper way.

Yearly water amount available per capita in Turkey is measured around one thousand and 363 meter cubes as of by 2018. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is estimating this value to decline to a yearly amount of one thousand and 120 meter cubes by 2030 when as the country’s population to be 100 million. And this brings Turkey one step closer to the same league with water poor countries. A yearly amount of 54 billion meter cube is consumed in our country whereas 13 percent of this is used for drinking need 13 percent of it is put to use to meet the demands of industry. While this gives a fillip to industries Seramiksan also continues to raise awareness in public presence with its’ saving-oriented manufacturing model.

Contributing to sustainability with 0 percent waste policy

Grounding its’ manufacture on sustainability, Seramiksan Director M. Sureyya Caglar says “We’re contributing to this transformation with our vitrified products we manufacture with 0 percent waste policy. Our goal by recycling the water used in the factories in recovery plants, is leaving a cleaner and more habitable world to future generations. With our water-saving vitrified products we turn the consumers’ primary living spaces into sustainable places.”

With the motto ‘Everyone Deserve Hygiene’ they developed the Seramiksan Hygiene surface technology which prevents bacterial growth by 99,9% and all the products utilizing this technology offer healthy and nature-friendly bathrooms with minimum water and detergent use. Along with water-saving toilets using 2,5 to 4,5 liters of water, Hill Smart urinals which perform a hygiene flush automatically when not used for a straight 24 hours and ensure water-saving with a consumption of 0,8 liters, also serve the same purpose.


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