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Prof. Aysegul Turedi Ozen’s ceramic exhibition titled "Birds, Houses, Trees" was viewed at Eskisehir Odunpazari City's Fire Ceramic Gallery Exhibition Room in February. In the trilogy that forms the theme of the exhibition and which the artist has been working on for years, trees depict nature, birds depict peace and freedom, and houses depict people.

The exhibition room of Eskisehir Odunpazari City's Fire Ceramic Gallery, which opened in 2022, hosted Aysegul Turedi Ozen's ceramic exhibition titled "Birds, Houses, Trees" in February. The exhibition included two- and three-dimensional works selected from the 43-year ceramic adventure of the artist, who is also the art consultant of the Gallery. Aysegul Turedi Ozen says the following about the forms she frequently used throughout her artistic life: "Whenever I hold the ceramic clay in my hands, it turns into houses, trees and birds, either individually or mixed together, between my fingers... I was so caught up in the vortex of this trilogy that I have been returning to it with this love for years. My trees depict nature, my birds depict peace and freedom, and my houses depict people.”

Aysegul Turedi Ozen who uses wheel, mold and hand free shaping methods, carries out experimental works using clays of different textures and multi-colored glazes. The artist who says, "I am fascinated when I look at their original and unique state when they come out of the ceramic kiln," sometimes does not confine herself to just clay and uses many different materials such as glass marbles, ropes, ropes, metal, wire, and plates in her final touches.

The messages are important for Ozen, who weaves the messages she wants to give with form; “In the formation story of a ceramic, there is sometimes disappointment, and often a lot of surprise, excitement and happiness in the process from the production stages to the firing and until it turns into a product/work of art. While learning and teaching ceramics, I fell in love with the clay, respected it, and never used it rudely. That's why I attach great importance to the messages of a work that do not make you forget the past, make you think about the present and question the future.” says.


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