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Founded with the principle of life-time learning, IMMIB Academy gave education to 62 thousand people from 8 thousand 700 companies in 2021. The academy's goal in 2022, is to reach 100 thousand people with 170 courses.

Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (IMMIB), with IMMIB Academy organizing educations on professions and management sciences since 2007 for the purpose of increasing the exportation of its' member industries, has continued its' contributions to the industry also in 2021. Working sustainably intended to enhance the individual and managerial competencies of the exporter company employees, IMMIB Academy gave education to 62 thousand people from 8 thousand 700 companies in 2021. Collaborating with universities such as ITU and Istanbul Ticaret University; courses on 150 different subjects from the main topics - foreign trade, legislation, professional, technical, sales and marketing, accounting, finance, personal development and job-specific skills development - have been given with 82 educators for 450 hours and a total of 39 thousand people were qualified to get participation certificate.

Educations will continue also in 2022

Continuing online because of the pandemic, IMMIB Academy 2021 education program has gained participation from 54 countries alongside Turkey. 100 new courses are added to the program to ensure exporters' associations chart their route maps and industries reach their exportation goals. IMMIB Academy is planning to give education with 170 different courses to 100 thousand people in 2022, with its' certification programs which play an important role in educating the exporter professionals of the future.

The goal is the fastest impact in exportation

Making evaluations about certification programs, IMMIB General Secretary Dr. S. Armagan Vurdu said “In order to increase our industry associations' exportation and added value in Turkish and global economy, we continue to maintain our pioneering role and carry our associations to future in every aspect. Accordingly, in IMMIB Academy that we brought to life for supporting the human resources of our exporters and the development of the industry, we continue our educations in more than 700 topic titles of different content and subjects since 2007. We collaborate with the industry and universities. This way, we serve the purposes of the industry both academically and with field experience and support our exporters to get the fastest impact in time, cost and legal area. As in 2021, we will be giving educations to thousands of industry employees and continuing to increase the exportation of our industries and create added value for the national economy.”


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