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Kalesinterflex, the inspiring and innovative brand of modern architecture, was deemed worthy of one of this year's awards by iF Design for its nature-inspired Earth Collection.

The winners of the iF Design Award 2024, which has been considered one of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world since 1954, have been announced. In this competition, approximately 11 thousand applications were made; Kalesinterflex's Earth Collection, the world's first and largest porcelain tile that offers a unique experience by skillfully combining calm, modern and natural elements, won the iF Design Award.

Produced from Kalesinterflex porcelain tile which offers functional use and a holistic design by being integrated into tables, bathroom and kitchen countertops, the Earth Collection is shaped according to the dreams of all professionals and decoration enthusiasts.

Taking the use of porcelain tiles beyond conventional interior and exterior walls and floor coverings, Kalesinterflex makes it possible to use it in many areas, from kitchen countertops to furniture coverings. In addition to its antibacterial properties, it also pioneers the future of the industry with its heat, impact and scratch resistant structure, pattern and surface diversity, and 3D support of patterns.


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