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As well as being the biggest and the thinnest, Kalesinterflex presented by Kalebodur which has brought numerous innovative products in Turkey to this day, is also preventing bacteria growth with its’ hygienic qualities. Kalesinterflex goes beyond the conventional area of use as wall facade and floor covering and creates healthy living spaces.

Being approved for its’ ‘Antibacterial Product Assurance’ also by TUBITAK, Kalesinterflex protects both the outerspace and the interiros from bacteria even in poorly lighted spaces and avoids mold and fungi growth. Kalesinterflex, a photocatalytic product featuring Nano Composite surface, is dirt and stain proof and can clean itself with rain and sunlight on facade.

The photocatalytic feature used by Kalebodur in its’ products, aims to provide more hygiene to consumers. This technology permanently and effectively guarantees cleanliness and hygiene on facades, hospitals, houses, schools, pools and every space where ceramic coverings are used. Applied on ceramic tiles with a special technology, the system’s ‘decomposition power’ decomposes the structure of various organics, prevents bacteria and germ growth and eliminates bad smell and stain forming problems. And with the help of the ‘Hydrophilic’ feature, the water forms a very thin film layer on the surface, gets between the stain and the surface and ensures the stain run down from the surface.

T-ONE by Kale in kitchen, in bathroom

Using Kalesinterflex which features as the biggest and the thinnest porcelain ceramic tile of Turkey, T-ONE by Kale takes ceramic beyond its’ conventional area of use and creates a wholistic view on all surfaces. This innovative porduct has a much more useful, aesthetical and durable structure and provides long-lasting endurance and hygiene with its’ outstanding features. Offering high standards in hygiene, T-ONE by Kale Porcelain Kitchen Counter can be easily and effortlesly cleaned and enhances the kitchen pleasure. The product also makes a difference with its’ scratch, breaking, stain, heat-cold durability and wear resistence and ensures a long-lasting use in kitchens.

Another one, T-One by Kale UNIQ bath furniture, with its’ waterproof and unscratchable structure, offers hygiene, durability, functionality and classiness all together. Produced with Kalesinterflex’s superb performance to accompany consumers for long, T-One By Kale UNIQ bath furniture is shining out with its’ scratch, breaking, wear resistence and heat and cold durability features. Gaining big appreciation with its’ classy and functional design, the UNIQ series suits every bathroom with its’ various color and pattern alternatives of marble, metallic and stone looks and offers options for every taste with its’ three different collection and modular design.


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