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Kale Banyo's new product collection, Mood, is produced as a holistic series with the same design language as bathroom furniture, sink and toilet. The series brings the warmth of wood to bathrooms with its modern and simple design.

Offering an assertive look with its Matte Black/Pacific A colours, the new series brings the warmth of wood to bathrooms. While it is preferred in every bathroom with its 65 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm sizes, it offers ample storage space with its functional tall cabinet and side cabinet with drawer or shelf alternatives. Providing long-lasting use with its durabad coating that has superior resistance to water and steam, the Mood series combines hygiene and functionality at a single point with its Mood 2.0 shelf sink.

Mood 2.0 SmartWash Toilet provides superior savings and comfort with its economical washing option that consumes 2.5/4 liters of water and its ductless structure. It also adds functionality to bathrooms with its SmartCover feature, which facilitates cleaning with its ultra-slim structure and slow-closing plug-in system. All Mood 2.0 toilets, sinks and toilet seats feature SmartHygiene, which prevents the formation of bacteria and adds hygiene to bathrooms, thanks to the silver ions contained in the products.


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