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VitrA’s Frame Collection, with its’ holistic sense of design clarified from excesses, precisely treats both the ceramic and the wood. Unique furniture design merges with the elegance of slim lined ceramic and light games to create a warm cozy bathroom atmosphere.

Having a rich sink range, the collection includes washbasins with shelf offering glossy white and matte beige color alternatives. And the countertop sinks utilizing white and black colors in glossy and matte hues, can be complemented with beige, black and white glass counters.

While the body of sink and cupboards are lacquered in matte and soft hues of the counter colors, dore, moire black and mocha oak wooden sheathings are preferred on drawer forefronts. Bathroom furnitures are offered with 6 different color combinations and drawer blinds have lighting units. Alongside a bathrobe unit, there are also open storing area options can be found in VitrA’s Frame bathroom collection.


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