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Applications have started for the third hanterra Ceramics Competition, one of the most important national, juried, functional ceramics competitions of Turkey. For the 2024 competition the subject matter is a “Vase” and the deadline to enter the competition is January 12, 2024. The winners will be announced on February 12, 2024.

hanterra Ceramics Competition, which aims to reward technically competent handmade functional ceramics that are examples of good and original design, reflect creativity and imagination, and to honour the time, effort and imagination spent by the ceramicist in this process. Focus of this year’s competition is a “Vase". The jury of the competition, which is open to everyone residing in Turkey and loves to make ceramics, includes ceramic artists Tuba Önder Demircioğlu, Ezgi Hakan and Anna Thomson, interior designer Ayhan Geveli, and curator Domenica Laracà. hanterra Ceramics Competition is organized under the sponsorship of Sibelco, Colorobbia Art, Valentine Clays, Mars Hobby and Studio Kilns and Ceramila.

Elif Özbay Şahan and Kurtuluş Şahan, the founders of hanterra Ceramics Competition, emphasised the following about the competition: “As in the rest of the world, there has been an increasing interest in ceramics in Turkey in recent years. Unfortunately, after the loneliness that has been created by the digital world taking over our lives, there has been a need to produce with materials we can touch, and slowing down is a kind of spiritual need in a world where speed and multitasking are imposed. We reckon that is why ceramics is so popular."

The winner of the competition will receive an achievement award and a hanterra gift certificate worth 25,000 TL, and three honourable mentions will be given a hanterra gift certificate worth 6,000 TL each. The Award Ceremony and exhibition opening will be held on February 23, 2024.

All details about hanterra Ceramics Competition 2024 can be found on the website


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